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Taxi Digital Signage

Motacam’s taxi digital signage is linked throughout the country using our Wi-Fi and 4G network-based equipment. We provide a unique platform, promoting local advertising and geo-fence-based advertising to complete national coverage.

All taxis are fitted with our media screens and signage players and content is sent to taxis remotely, through our state-of-the-art playlist software. Once our customers have provided us with their content and QR Code details and chosen their preferred options, the advert is then placed on the relevant playlist and deployed to the taxi screens.

During their journey, passengers can view business adverts, offers, and messages and scan the QR codes to receive instant links or information directly to their mobile phones. Businesses can change their adverts as frequently as they wish, at no extra charge, to update current offers, or ensure tickets, tables or rooms etc. are filled.

Drivers can earn a monthly revenue just by having our screens in their vehicles, with no interaction necessary. They can also earn extra bonuses for successful advertising referrals. All advert changes are made during normal working office hours. and deployed as soon as possible. **Minimum contract term 3 months.

Digital Signage

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1 x 10 second advert, displayed every 10 minutes, 24 hours per day, each month in 20 vehicles, equals your advert shown approximately 86,400 times each month, for only £99.99 per month.

All you have to do is:

  • Choose your style of advert (Static or video)
  • Choose the duration of your advert
  • Choose how many vehicle groups
  • Supply us with your advert and we do the rest

Taxi Digital Signage is a cost-effective and smart way to get your brand in front of thousands of people. Unlike other forms of marketing, our system can be viewed by anyone at any given time. With a low-cost installation and monthly subscription, you’ll see an increase in customers and revenue.

1. Introduction

In today’s digital world, Taxi drivers spend many hours waiting at taxi stands or cruising around town looking for passengers. These taxis have become a great way to advertise their business and reach out to customers. In the past, taxi companies would use billboards or newspaper ads to promote their services. Today, they are using digital advertising methods to reach potential customers. Taxi companies are now using digital signages to display advertisements and information about their company. These digital signs allow for quick changes and updates to the advertisement without having to replace the whole billboard.

2. Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage offers several benefits to businesses. First, these digital signs allow for quick and inexpensive changes to the content displayed. If the message being displayed changes frequently, then it is much cheaper to change the digital sign than changing the entire billboard. Another benefit of digital signage is the ability to update the content easily. When changing the content of a billboard, the owner may need to wait until the billboard is completely changed before placing another ad. However, with digital signs, the advertiser does not have to worry about waiting for the billboard to be completely replaced. Digital signs also offer the opportunity to customize the content to fit the specific needs of the client. A taxi company could create different messages for different cities and neighborhoods. By customizing the content, the taxi company can target its audience specifically. Lastly, digital signs provide a flexible environment for advertisers. Since digital signs are able to show any type of content, the advertiser can choose what kind of image they want to display. Traditional billboards cannot do this. Instead, the billboard must be designed to only show certain types of images.

3. Types of Digital Signs

There are three main types of digital signs that are used by taxi companies. The first type is LCD screens. An LCD screen displays text and graphics. The second type of digital sign is LED screens. An LED screen uses a series of lights to display images. The third type of digital sign is plasma screens. Plasma screens use millions of tiny charged particles called phosphors to produce colors. Depending on how the phosphors are arranged, they will either glow red, blue, green, or yellow.

4. Advantages of Digital Signage

The advantages of digital signage over traditional billboards are numerous. First, digital signs are cheaper and easier to maintain. Unlike billboards, which require constant maintenance and replacement, digital signs only require updating the content periodically. Second, digital signs are highly customizable. Since they can show any type of content and can be customized to fit the needs of the client, they are perfect for targeting a specific group of people. Third, digital signs are environmentally friendly. Because they do not use ink, paper, or plastic, they do not harm the environment. Finally, digital signs are more interactive. Users can interact with the content displayed on the digital sign. They can click on links, watch videos, or even play games while viewing the content. All of these features make digital signs a valuable tool for displaying advertisements.